A-1 is a local, veteran-owned and operated company. As a small family business, we really take pride in servicing clients all across Northeast Ohio. We believe in providing high-quality cleaning services that exceed the industry standards and regulations for safety and cleanliness. 

Specializing in the cleaning of commercial kitchen exhaust systems, we offer our services to restaurants throughout Ohio. Our team follows the guidelines set by the NFPA Code 96 and ensures that every cleaning job is accompanied by before and after photos. Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning involves the removal of accumulated grease from hoods, fans, filters, and ducts. Neglecting to clean these systems can lead to a dangerous fire hazard. In addition to restaurant hood systems, we also provide other services such as restaurant exhaust fan maintenance, restaurant equipment detailing, commercial fan hinge kit installations, access panel installations, commercial kitchen deep cleaning, fan belt replacement, and more.


When it comes to your kitchen hood, also known as your kitchen exhaust system, it plays a crucial role in ensuring food safety. Not only does it eliminate fumes and smoke, but it also helps prevent fire hazards. Furthermore, it helps maintain fresh air in your commercial kitchen.


Considering the importance of your kitchen hood, it is essential to prioritize its maintenance and cleaning.

The question arises: how frequently should it be cleaned? If you seek an answer, you've come to the right place. Here is a concise overview of everything you need to know.


Understanding the necessity of cleaning your Ohio kitchen hood and exhaust is crucial. Over time, grease residue tends to accumulate, especially after prolonged use. The type of food being cooked also contributes to this buildup. Different foods contain varying amounts of oils, which affect the thickness and rate of grease accumulation. Neglecting regular kitchen exhaust cleaning in Ohio can result in decreased performance of your exhaust system. This includes a slowdown in exhaust fan rotation, wearing down of the fan belt, or throwing the exhaust fan blades off balance. Ultimately, the overall quality of your workplace will be compromised.


The Restaurant Owner's Worst Nightmare: Temporary Closure Due to Fire or Broken Exhaust Fan in Ohio


The Importance of Regular Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning


Regular cleaning of your kitchen hood and exhaust system is crucial to prevent any potential disasters. In Ohio, it is generally recommended to clean your kitchen exhaust every three months. However, the frequency may vary depending on certain factors. For instance, if you have a charcoal- or wood-burning stove, it is advisable to clean the exhaust system at least once a month. The National Fire Protection Association has provided specific cleaning frequencies for different types of establishments:


- Hamburger and fast food restaurants (including 24-hour establishments) should clean their exhaust systems every 30 days.

- Cafeterias, hotels, hospital kitchens, and high traffic restaurants should clean their exhaust systems every 90 days.

- Pizza places and average restaurants can clean their exhaust systems every 180 days.

- Seasonal accounts, senior centers, and pre-school hoods (such as soup vats, steam kettles, dishwashers, etc.) should clean their exhaust systems on a yearly basis.


Steps Involved in Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning


The process of cleaning a kitchen hood in Ohio follows a set of straightforward steps. These steps ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning of the system. Here is an overview of the process:


    Removing the Hood Filters - If there is a heavy grease buildup, the filters are soaked in an eco-friendly degreaser to loosen the grease. This step prepares the filters for steam cleaning later on. Once the filters are removed, the wrapping process begins.


    Wrapping the Hood  - Our wrapping technique is considered the best in the industry. We take extra precautions to prevent any spills during the cleaning process, ensuring that your floors remain clean and mess-free. Ohio has strict regulations regarding the disposal of grease collected after an exhaust system cleaning. Therefore, we make every effort to contain and dispose of the waste properly. Rest assured, we do not discharge any waste water into your parking lot. Instead, all waste water is processed through the onsite grease trap.


Degreasing Procedure - Degreasing the Exhaust Fan, we apply degreaser to the entire system, meticulously working from the top to the bottom. This thorough process guarantees that your duct cleaning adheres to the NFPA Code 96 and Ohio Hood Cleaning Laws. It is important to note that the Exhaust Duct and Exhaust Fan accumulate more grease than what is visible beneath the Kitchen Hood. Once the Exhaust Fan and Exhaust Duct have been effectively degreased, one of our skilled technicians will proceed to degrease the Kitchen Hood from within the facility. Our method of degreasing the Kitchen Exhaust System involves the use of high foam, allowing you to witness the grease being effortlessly eliminated.


Duct Scraping - In addition to degreasing the Kitchen Exhaust Duct, hand scraping the grease is an equally vital aspect of any Ohio Hood Cleaning. We possess the appropriate tools, techniques, and chemicals to ensure that any Kitchen Hood in Ohio can be thoroughly cleaned, leaving it in a bare metal state. We meticulously clean every inch of every accessible area of your Exhaust Ducts. With the correct approach, every Kitchen Exhaust System is 100% accessible. If the customer is willing, A1 Commercial Hood Cleaning has the capability to install access panels throughout the Kitchen Exhaust Duct, providing access to previously neglected areas within your system.


Steam Cleaning Process - Following the degreasing and scraping procedures, we employ high-pressure hot steam to eliminate any remaining grease from your system. Starting at the Exhaust Fan, we effectively dissolve grease from top to bottom, ensuring that your Fan and Fan Blades can rotate freely. Subsequently, we proceed to steam clean the Exhaust Duct using specialized tools specifically designed for removing grease from long and intricate ducts. This process is applicable to any Hood Cleaning in Ohio.


Rinsing The Hood - Our Ohio Kitchen Hood cleaning service utilizes Low Pressure Hot Steam for the final rinse. We take caution not to forcefully remove the grease, as there are delicate components beneath the Hood Canopy. Triggering these components could activate your Fire Suppression system. It is important to note that heavily neglected systems may require a High Pressure Cleaning to eliminate years of accumulated grease. In Connecticut, it is mandatory for most establishments to have their hoods professionally cleaned at least twice a year.


Polishing The Hood - Once your Kitchen Exhaust System is dry, we proceed to Hand Polish the Inside and Outside of the Hood using a specialized grease resistant polish. This polish not only leaves your Kitchen Hood looking shiny, but it can also be applied to your Stainless Steel Backsplash and Appliances if needed, providing an added layer of protection against future buildup.


Reinstalling the Hood Filters - After thoroughly cleaning and polishing the Hood System, we will reinstall your Hood Filters and carefully inspect them for any deficiencies. If we come across neglected, broken, or fragile filters, we will document our findings in our Job Service Report. In cases where the Hood Filters are beyond repair, we may decline future cleaning and recommend that the Restaurant Owner replace them before our next scheduled Ohio Hood Cleaning.


Maintaining and/or Replacing the Motor - The Commercial Exhaust Fan Motor is responsible for powering your Kitchen Exhaust Fan. Neglecting the belt or bearings can result in temporary shutdowns of your Connecticut Kitchen. Service calls can be costly and time-consuming, with hours of waiting for a technician to arrive on-site. To prevent such disturbances, we ensure to grease the bearings and change the fan belts during the Kitchen Hood Cleaning process. If the bearings are severely damaged, replacing them may be necessary. For more details, feel free to inquire with one of our Ohio Hood Cleaning Technicians.


We have strong relationship with Ohio Corporate Kitchens, Correctional Facilities, Family Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Healthcare Facilities, Industrial Kitchens, Reception Halls, Retirement Homes, Universities & Colleges, and numerous other locations throughout Ohio.

Because we care about you and your business, we offer flexible scheduling options to minimize interruptions and meet your needs. This includes after-hours and weekends. With each service, you will receive a full inspection report, as well as before and after photos to ensure we are meeting your expectations.